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Beijing Automobile Exhibition

China, which hosted the global automotive industry in the Beijing Motor Show just a few weeks, has now establishing itself as the leading power of...
How A Better Understanding Of Guanxi Can Improve Your Business In China
A mid-tier US industrial fittings manufacturer, tired of five years of mediocre results in China, relocated a senior director from its...
Five Key Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Business In China
Mistakes and frustration are par for the course for American companies doing business in China. As a lawyer who has represented hundreds of...
Shanghai Crowned Best Expat City For Sixth Year Running
Yet again, Shanghai has been voted the best Chinese city for international expats.  The Amazing China Poll has now been running for eight years, out of which Shanghai has....
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What to do this month in Shanghai?
In this section you will find all of our partners' events in Shanghai - not to be missed!  

This is an opportunity for you to meet people, discover new places, take part in various activities  and develop your own Guanxi!

WeHustle is the only English classifieds website with WeChat integration that is available in over 600 cities across China.  

WeHustle is updating on a regular basis its Shanghai's weekly hand-picked community-centric event series.

MeetUGo.Com is a social networking platform help new comers to connect with people via multiple offline scenarios.

It’s easy to share and find amazing events near your area, otherwise, you could find wonderful place to live and work with awesome people.

In China, it can be a challenge for expatriates to find the information they are looking for, as it is usually very scattered. Therefore, one may miss opportunities to attend an event, to build their professional network, to try out a leisure activity or to simply meet new people.
Expat Services is more than just a website: it aims to centralise relevant information and keep foreigners posted about what they should not miss in Shanghai, and soon in some other big cities of China.
But on top of that, Expat Services is also committed to building bridges between the different communities of foreigners in the city, whether they are staying short term or long term, and help them make the most of their stay here. 

It is our vocation to connect foreigners to organisations and service providers that we have handpicked for their expertise and their professionalism, and we hope to become your best companion during your time in China. 



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